It’s Finally Here! The Razor You’ll need!

Remove hair from all parts of the body and face with this 4-in-1 professional razor.

The main problem with daily shaving and waxing is the tugging, irritation, and rashes that appear afterwards. With Pinedock 4 in 1 this won’t happen again! Includes 4 heads to cut hair from any part of your body, whether it’s a smooth or curved area.

Removes hair quickly while protecting the skin and leaving it feeling silky soft after every use.

Designed to have a comfortable and ergonomic grip, Pinedock 4 in 1 is much more comfortable and easier to use on any part of the body than other devices on the market.

Unisex, easy to use, ergonomic, and cordless.

  • Removes Hair: Effortlessly removes hair from the entire body
  • Close And Fast Shave: It adapts perfectly to any curve of the body to provide a closer and faster everyday shave without tugging.
  • 100% Secure100% safe, painless, portable, long battery life, ergonomic and very easy to clean.

Kiss goodbye to conventional razors thanks to this shaver with 4 interchangeable heads for complete grooming and professional results.

  • Unisex 4 IN 1 rechargeable razor that can remove hair more precisely from the face, eyebrows, nose, and body.
  • Equipped with 4 shaving heads to meet various needs, perfect for both women and men.
  • Changing Pinedock 4 in 1 accessories is very easy. The attached fixture is rotated and removed and the new fixture is attached. Then press down to fix it in place.

All in 1 unisex for a complete care! No more gadgets.

Precision shaving

Perfect for hair removal, both on the face and body.

Easy to use

It’s so easy to use and the results are so effective that you will wish you had discovered it sooner.

Take it anywhere

Thanks to its size and weight, you can use it whenever you need it.

The best option on the market

Here Is What People Who Tested Pinedock Razor Have To Say

I love it! I was looking for a razor to replace the one I had and this was the one that caught my eye. Pinedock 4 in 1 comes with 4 heads that adapt to your needs (shaving, trimming sideburns, beard trimming, nostril hairs). It is very easy to use, it gives you a good shave and doesn’t pull like the previous one I had. Great purchase without a doubt.

Colin Smith

I gave it to my father for his birthday and my mother stole it! They ended up buying another one and now everyone has their own. They are thrilled with it.

Frank Johnson

The product arrived at my door in good condition and was well presented. The truth is that I only use two of the tools, the beard head, and the one for the nose and ears. The power supply is very good and the parts are high quality. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Luke Williams

We Give You Our Word

Everyone at Pinedock worked tirelessly to get you a product to be proud of. We want you to love and flaunt your Pinedock Razor to everyone around. But if by any offchance you are not very happy and satisfied with the product, we promise to give you 100% refund on your purchase. Though we promise you that would not be the case, so shop on without any doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it only useful for beards?

No, Pinedock 4 in 1 includes heads for the nose, ears, sideburns, eyebrows and almost any part of the body

Q. Is it waterproof?

The heads are but the body of the machine isn’t.

Q. Does it have to be plugged in to be used?

No, Pinedock 4 in 1 is charged via USB and the average battery life is 30 days.

Q. Are there any offers available?

Yes, there is a special launch promotion of 50% off.

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